What is Therapy or Counselling Anyway?

I’m a counsellor, or therapist, or whatever you want to call it. Basically, regardless of how you term my work, it’s about meeting and receiving people who are experiencing mental health challenges and any manner of struggles. It could be change or grief-based, anxiety and depression, issues around trauma or shame that have been around for a number of years, or feelings and thoughts made worse during Covid-19 lockdowns. Those aspects are critical but once met and received, it’s about you and returning you to a stronger sense of who you are, helping you make meaning of what’s gone on and your purpose in the future.

Check out my Mantality Podcast

I did a podcast with Mantality which encapsulates so much of what my practice is about, as well as how rugby and the experience of many players inspired me to look at how players work with vulnerability. Turns out, apart from the rugby bit, they’re not so different and experience not dissimilar feelings to you and I. Human beings, you see?
Check out the full podcast here:
We’ll always have our humanity in common and that’s ultimately that which good therapy gets us to access: not inventing a new human, simply helping you be more of the person we truly are meant to be.
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Thanks; and if you do listen, thanks again.
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