For a sports person, maintaining your mental health can be complex. Performance – the part that others see – is the tip of the iceberg. The unseen stresses of form, injury, athlete identity, retirement and loss of purpose play a significant role in shaping your world. My specialist sports psychotherapy service is here to help you navigate these challenges…

Understanding the world of the sportsperson is critical to creating the unique therapeutic support that an athlete can trust and engage with. I have spent a number of years in and around elite sports, representing both England and GB in youth rugby league and playing semi-professionally in both codes. As a therapist and researcher I now work with a number of organisations within the elite sporting world to support mental wellness of athletes. I bring this passion, knowledge and experience into my sports psychotherapy practice and research.

I recently completed my MA thesis on the issue of vulnerability in professional rugby league. This piece uncovers so much about the perception of modern athletes and how the pressures impact upon not just our performances as a competitor, but us as a human and in our wider lives.

Carefully and confidentially we will create a therapeutic plan that is mindful of your athlete and daily life personas. We will invite balance and control into your world, providing your inner competitor with the space and freedom to perform at their highest level, on a more consistent basis.

Check out my ‘therapeutic contract’ for more on how sessions work and what you can expect from sports psychotherapy.

Client Testimonials

I had enormous relief when working with Jon because he directly understands the world of elite sport and the difficulties that it can bring. I felt really at ease when talking to him about times where I felt isolated and alone for going through an array of troubles that I didn’t think that people would understand. I felt like I could accept where I was and felt a great desire to improve myself and the situation instead of fighting it and resisting.

Professional Rugby League Player

Jon made me feel at home and most importantly helped me to stop punishing myself for not being at the top of my game as an athlete. The balance of striving and self-acceptance can be a difficult line to tread at times, but I can view my life and my life in sport in a much healthier way now, which inevitably only helps my performance and my outlook on what I’ve been through.

Professional Athlete
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